WIP modifications

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NB. All the modifications below are still WIP(Work In Progress) and there is therefor no download link for any of them 


The big Apple project.ui design template
The brand spanking new Big Apple Project is a new type of mission based modification made together with Dyson. It takes the player to one of the oldest fire stations in New York City, Duane St. Here Battalion 1, Engine 7 and Ladder 1 is ready for calls and the longer you play, the more money you get. Money can in the modification be used to upgrade uniforms, buy new rigs and get newer and more specialized equipment. The entire UI of the mod have been changed and only the sky is the limit with this modification.




SWAT/AT mod.Em4Deluxe 2016-08-04 11-47-26-89
This mission-based modification is nothing like you have ever seen before. It takes you to the live of the Dutch special police force AT which is specialized in dangers situations and are not scared to bring in the big guns. The modification lets you buy multiple different vehicles and personnel, all with special abilities and different tasks.

It is made in collaboration with the Dutch modder Bernt112 and his friend Stevie.