Aticles about The Big Apple Project

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To read the articles, please click here

Hello and welcome

One of the hardest things when creating a new modification is to keep up motivation to complete it. This motivation is usually found in the support from the community, but a lot of modifications tends to forget to share news with their community and motivation therefor tends to run out fast.

Here on we thing that this is shame and we will therefor try to change that.

To involve the community, we have decided to start a small series of articles about our newest project, The Big Apple Project. This project, which is a collaboration with the British modder Dyson, takes the player to New York and will include a ton of entirely new game mechanics. We have only been working on it for a short period of time, but the project is already starting to be so different from the original game, that you sometimes forget that you are still in Emergency 4.

The articles will be about all the new features we are including and new articles will be released every Monday and Friday starting from Friday the 2nd.


To read the articles, please click here

Please make sure to tune in to read the articles and leave us a comment about your thoughts on the modification.

It is how we keep up our motivation



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