Article: Hydrant mechanics

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In a big city such as New York stuff always happens and no day in the fire department is the same. But like mentioned in the last article not all fires are going to be major. Sometimes all you have to do is role up to the scene and extinguish a fire in something small like a garbage can, a pile of trash, some boxes in an alley or maybe a tree that have caught on fire.

Like a lot of people might know, FDNY really doesn’t have any tankers and all engines will therefore have to rely on hydrants, which can be found all over the map. For minor jobs like trash bin fires, a connection to a hydrant isn’t a must before the extinguishing can happen; but for major events like building fires a hookup to hydrant will be required before it will be possible to enter the building.

Having to hook engines up to hydrants before they work, is just one of the mechanics we are including to add realism to the modification. Like mentioned last time, we still need your guys help, so let us know about your crazy ideas for the modification and maybe we will try to add them.

As additional information we can reveal that we are very close to revealing a big mechanic in the modification, that really will make it standout compared to other modifications. So make sure to pay attention to the article section.


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