Article: Different events

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For some time now, we have been talking mainly about building fires. But is that all that people are going to experience in this modification? – No. A large variety of different events are currently in the making and a lot of them will have some really cool mechanics. An example of a new event type, is odor of gas; here the player has to respond and investigate where the odor comes from and if there is a leak that has to be stopped. Another event type is HazMat events, where the player has to work together with HazMat units and handle different dangerous materials. But not all of the events are this big. Often the player will have to respond to small trash fires, burning vehicles and other minor events that doesn’t require the entirety of Duane St. A new system for car fires are currently in the making and we are trying our best to avoid the standard emergency “pour tons of water on it until the problem is solved” mechanic. This is also where we would like the community to get involved. Do you happen to have an awesome idea for a game mechanic that you feel have been missing since the game was released in 2006? Let us know on Facebook and we will take your idea into consideration.


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