CPH Airport Modification 1.1 news

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The work on project 1.1 of CPH airport modification have started and below we have started posting what bugs needs to be fixed from 1.0 and what news can be expected in 1.1. If you think that anything is missing, please don’t hesitate to contact us wither via email or on Facebook.

Bugs reported: 

  • Picking up bombs sometimes causes CTD
  • The entire airplane has to be evacuated if one passenger is injured
  • Airplanes doesn’t despawn after end mission
  • Missing prototypes
  • Can’t pick up brief cases inside buildings
  • Road accidents sometimes doesn’t spawn
  • Doors on one of the police cars open the wrong way
  • Officers in terminals can only be called once

News in 1.1

  • Mission: Birds on runway
  • Full guide on how to play the modification
  • Evacuation button for the airport terminal
  • Added spineboard
  • Major change in vehicles and personnel