CPH Airport Manual

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Updated 12-08-2016

NB! This section is still WIP



  • Units
    • Airport Units
  • Special Commands
  • How to call units
  • Events
  • Clearing Events
  • Automatic Fire Alarms
  • Security levels




Airport Units

Unit Crew Task Special Commands
Chief Fire
Em4Deluxe 2016-08-05 10-56-27-49
1xFire Chief

1xFire Fighter

Leader of all airport fire units.
Rescue Truck
Em4Deluxe 2016-08-05 10-56-22-27
2xFire Fighter Rescue truck, responds to accidents and all major incidents.
Medical First Responder
Em4Deluxe 2016-08-05 10-56-38-29
2xMedical crew Responds to all emergencies with injured people.
Mobile Medical Station
Em4Deluxe 2016-08-05 10-56-49-70
2xFire Figther Responds to large scale incidents with many injured people
Chief Communication
Em4Deluxe 2016-08-05 10-56-56-55
1xFire Chief Responsible for communication between airport units and units from other departments
Chief Evac
Em4Deluxe 2016-08-05 10-58-51-01
1xFire Chief Responsible for evacuation of all passengers Call Evacuation bus
Rescue Ladder
Em4Deluxe 2016-08-05 10-58-59-28
2xFire Fighter Can create entrance way to aircrafts on the runway Attatch ladder to plane
Em4Deluxe 2016-08-05 11-06-07-57
1xFire Fighter Responds to all major fires
Em4Deluxe 2016-08-05 11-06-15-41
1xEngine Chief

3xFire Fighter


Responds to all fires in the airport



Special Commands



How to call units

Step 1: Click the alarm button in the top left corner of the screen

Em4Deluxe 2016-08-04 15-35-26-17


Step 2: Right click on the ground at the location you want the vehicles to respond to

Em4Deluxe 2016-08-04 15-35-30-10


Step 3: Either select the vehicles wanted manually or use the quick callout menu

Em4Deluxe 2016-08-04 15-35-37-06


Step 4: Press the Call vehicles button

Em4Deluxe 2016-08-04 15-35-39-69





New Events: New events appear in the alarm screen in the right side of the screen.

Em4Deluxe 2016-08-04 15-36-04-65


LED in the top left corner
Flashing red: New call (Press to turn it solid red).
Solid red: Call in progress.
Solid green: See clearing events.

Em4Deluxe 2016-08-04 15-36-04-65(2)


Call text
The second line informs what type of event the call is. Etc. Medical, fire and security.
The third line informs what the call is

Em4Deluxe 2016-08-04 15-36-04-65(3)


Call location
The second line informs where the event takes place

Em4Deluxe 2016-08-04 15-36-04-65(4)




Clearing Events

Once all tasks have on the screen has been completed the LED in the top left corner will turn green.
Pressing the LED is the way to inform the modification that you are available and ready for a new event.

Em4Deluxe 2016-08-04 15-37-26-87(5)


Automatic Fire Alarms(AFA)

Getting calls: Just like all other call in the game, AFA calls come in threw the call menu. Main difference is that all AFA calls come with a sector number, which can be used to identify the location of the call in the terminal.



Finding the activated sector: To find the activated sensor on the map, the player needs to open the terminal map next to the call button.



Terminal map: The airport terminal is divided into 23 different sectors and each sector has one sensor located somewhere close to the coresponding number.



Clearing local sensor: Once all fires in a sector have been put out, a Engine Chief needs to deactivate the sensor. It is possible to spot activated sensors by a red flashing light on them.



Clearing fire central: When all acitvated sensors have been deactivated by the Engine Captain, it is possible for any fire chief to go to the main fire central and deactivate it. The main central is located by the airport entrance. Once it has been deactivated the flashing red lights on it will stop flashing and it is possible to clear the event just like any other.



Security levels

On the left side of the gamescreen there are 5 numbers, theese represent the security level in the airport.
The security level at the airport is up for the player to decide, but the higher level, the more police officers will patrol the terminal
Em4Deluxe 2016-08-04 15-37-38-43

Security level 1: 0 police officers in the terminal
Security level 2: 4 police officers in the terminal
Security level 3: 6 police officers in the terminal
Security level 4: 8 police officers in the terminal
Securit level 5: 10 police officers in the terminal



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