August collaboration

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Mark your calendar and join the modding team for a super exciting weekend.

During the weekend of the 25th to the 27th of august 2017, we are arranging a meetup and collaboration weekend for the modding team.

Plans for the weekend include a ton of livestreams, updates and the possibility to interact with us, while we create some of our modifications.

At the collaboration, myself(BMA) will attend alongside with our webmanager Theo and the creator of Odense Modication Shadylasse.


For a very long time, we have been working together with Shadylasse. He has been supplying us with Danish models and in return we have promised to be a part of Odense Modification.

The last part is happening now and we will use the entire weekend, making a big dent in the modification.


Over the weekend we will be active on Facebook, livestream on twitch and setup a discord server from where we will live update and interact with fans.


We hope that you guys are as excited as us and we hope to see you there.

Odense Modification