Article: Unit upgrades

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With a station as old as described in the last article, the potential to give the game a timeline perspective is very big. In Project Big Apple we include this by adding an upgrade system for apparatus; this includes both newer models and upgrades to existing rigs. By doing this, even players that been playing for hours still have new stuff to unlock and the gameplay therefor doesn’t get boring.

To narrow it down, the game will start in 2008 where the player will get a Seagrave 1000/500 from 2002 as an Engine, an Seagreave/Aerialscope 75’ Tower Ladder from 2002 and a Ford Excursion from 2003 as battalion chief. The first upgrade for both the ladder and the engine are going to be pure paintjob upgrades; but later in the game, the player will be able to buy a newer engine, ladder and chief model. To be more precise the end game engine will be a 2010 Seagrave 2000/500, the ladder a 2012 Seagrave/Aerialscope 75’ Tower ladder and the battalion a 2011 GMC2500HD.


We are aware that the pictures that have been released so far includes the new 2012 Seagrave engine while the other apparatus are the old 2002 or 2003 versions. Don’t worry, an older version of the Engine will be included soon and a lot of rig specific features will be included in the modification.

In the next article we will focus on Engine 7; That article will be released on Monday the 12th of September.

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