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When a call comes in to firefighters in FDNY, the call comes via a fire ticket, which the captain then brings with him to the fire scene. This ticket contains all crucial information like what level of alarm it is, what the call type is, what rigs should respond, what box has been activated, where its address is and CIDS.

For the modification we have replicated this system, and all fire calls that comes in, will be via fire tickets like the one shown in the picture below.

This is a part of the real life FDNY feeling, that we want players to have when playing the modification and every call will have a unique text.

At the moment, only the list of fire type calls has been created, and Residential fires, commercial fires, odor of smoke, automatic fire alarms, brush fires, rubbish fires, vehicle fires, manhole fires, odor of gas, gas explosions and haz-mat incidents have already made the list. Many more ideas are still in our heads and we try to get them all into the game as soon as possible.


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