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With the fire station on Duane st. placed at the edge of Tribeca and right next to the Civic center, we have chosen a truly busy area for our project. The map will be defined by Greenwich St. on the west; Centre St. on the east; Leonard St. on the north and Murray St. to the south. Within this area, we have tried our best to create the most realistic and lifelike replica of the real New York, so the player really gets the feeling of being inside the busy metropole when playing.

Within the map, a ton of famous landmarks are going to roam, and buildings like the AT&T building, the New York city hall, the FBI building and a ton of different court houses are going to fill the streets and play an important part in the events that Engine 7, Ladder 1 and Battalion 1, handle during the game. At the moment we aren’t ready to reveal too much, but we can reveal, that special events regarding these buildings will be included and that we try our very best to make them as realistic as humanly possible. The texture of the map is being created by Dyson which is doing a fantastic job while also trying to place buildings and give life to the streets. A new member has also joined the team and is doing his best to add small details all over the map.

We are currently moving full steam ahead, and there are no indications that we will slow down with the progress any time soon.


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