Article: The Big Apple Project Concept

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As one of the most icon cities in The United States of America, it is no wonder that so many projects have been created involving this city. With its 8,3 million citizens and a long range of icons landmarks, the city offers a wide variety of fire stations, which makes each and every mod a different experience. To be precise FDNY has 255 stations scattered all over the city and in this project, The Big Apple project, we have decided to keep it simple and only focus on one of them, Duane St.

But does that mean that this will just be another New York modification?… No! It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Unlike the other released NY modifications, this mod will be Mission/Campaign based, which gives us as mod creators, a whole new variety of different tools to work with. This includes a totally new UI that takes all the elements from the existing game and replace them with some new modified ones. This menu will also allow the possibility to see what fire fighters are in the rig, what rig/person is currently selected and show special commands for all of them.

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How about the Fire chief, will he be as pointless as always?

Again no, the fire chief will play an extremely important role when it comes to battling house fires, and without him, it will not be possible to get all of your fire fighters out alive. This leads us to the next thing, the entire way to battle house fires have been changed, so it will no longer just be standing outside the building, pouring water on it until it goes out. The player actually has to search floors, do ventilation and rescue civilians, while also trying to keep the fire at bay and get out alive.

Now that we have mentioned rescuing civilians we can also reveal that an entire new treating system will be included and that the station will have to respond to medical emergencies, just like in real life.


Exactly how all these mechanics work and what their purpose will be, can be read about in the following articles where we take one game mechanic at a time and go into depth with it.


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