Article: Subways

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Transporting as many as 5,6 million people, with a total of 26 different lines and 422 stations, the New York subway plays a major role in the life of many New Yorkers. With multiple subway entrances spotted around the map, it is very natural for us to include this aspect in some way.

The work on this part of the project hasn’t started yet, but we are planning to create a brand new map, that instead of showing the over ground, shows the inside of the subway stations. In the subway stations, a ton of different events will appear, ranging from minor fires, to heavy rescue missions with people trapped under trains, and a couple of large scale events.

Working in the subway will add a whole new dimension to the gameplay, since getting equipment takes a while and the recourses are limited. It will though be a good challenge for all players and here on the team we are excited to starting to create the mechanics to make it possible.

We have a lot of different ideas in our head at the moment, but if you happen to have some good once, please write to us and we will consider adding them.



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