Article: Station 3

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The smallest of the three fire stations on the map, is station 3. The station is placed in the northern rural areas of the map, and depicts a classic, rural Danish fire station. The station shares building, with the home of the local fire captain, and it is his job to manage and maintain the station.

Since it placed in rural settings, the station only has two vehicles and responds with a maximum of six firefighters.

The first vehicle is the Tank engine which responds with three firefighters and the fire captain. It carries almost all equipment, including hoses and jaws of life, and responds to all fire incidents in the area.

The second vehicle is a hose tender and it responds with two fire fighters. The vehicle only has one job, and that is to connect its pump to a river or lake close to the fire. From there the firefighters will be able to access unlimited water, and the vehicle is therefore crucial in the low populated areas, with few fire hydrants.

With the rural settings, most of the incidents in the area, will be regarding farm fires, Hay fires and field fires. All of which are rare, but rather large incidents. It is therefore often necessary for the station to call assistance from its neighbors.

The model of the fire station is made by BMA, with the help from RD_Saarland, and is inspired by the fire station in Løjt Kirkeby, Denmark