Article: Smart Traffic

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Don’t we all know that feeling in Emergency, when a giant que of vehicles is backing up, because you decided to park your rig on the street… And when you then try to direct them, everything just gets worse?… Here on the Big Apple Project we sure do!
Therefor we have told the scripters, that are locked up in our basement, to come up with something… And they did! We have managed to create smart(er) traffic for Emergency 4.

The script works three different ways.

1) If your emergency vehicle is parked up at a fire scene, civilian vehicles will move to another and more outer lane if they get close to the rig. This means that if you are parked in the inner lane of a four lane road, vehicles in the inner lane will move to the second lane. If you are in the second lane, they move to the third etc.

2) If you are responding on a multilane avenue, vehicles will automatically move to a more inner lane, if they detect that they are in your path. So a civilian vehicle in the third lane that detects a moving fire truck in the same lane, will automatically move to the second lane and give way.

3) If you are responding on a single lane street, the civilian vehicles will look for an empty spot along the side of the road. If they find one, they will quickly move there, and if it can’t, they will stop like normal Em4 vehicles. This ensures that civilian vehicles only move to the side, if there is space for them, and doesn’t if there is an object in the way.

All in all, this should give a much more fluent gameplay and traffic problems like we know them, should be gone forever.



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