Article: Plans for version 1.1

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Like we mentioned in the last article, a lot of things are set to be changed in version 1.1. First of all, we are working on a brand new freeplay map, made from scratch with a new ground texture and everything. At the moment BMA is working hard on the map along with two friends, Theodor and Frederik.

The map will be divided into three sections, the first is a city which includes everything from apartment buildings and a church, to a very Danish looking school.

The second area is a suburban area with a lot of houses and a Danish suburban feel.

The third area is a rural district and it includes farms, haystacks and a lot of fields.

All of it is set to look as Danish as possible and a lot of custom buildings, signs etc. have already been created.


Each area will have its own fire station, which have been custom build to fit that specific area. This also means that the modification will go from four, to three fire station. But that doesn’t mean less fire engines, we have made a new vehicle, with a specialized purpose, so look forward to that!

Alongside all of this, we are also working on a specialized picklist for the modification, which tells what units should go to what calls, and just to make it a little better, we are currently working on making the modification multiplayer friendly.


All in all, we have a ton of plans for the modification, so there is a lot to look forward to.

Credits for different models used on the map: VPI, iglheaz, Bastian, Steve, Oberfrankengamer