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We are happy to announce that a new member joined our team a couple of weeks ago. The German modder RD_Saarland decided to become a part of the team and is now working on a ton of different stuff.

In case you don’t know RD_Saarland, he is a German paramedic, that have already been part of many famous modifications like Essen-Werden, Winterberg and is currently working on his own Santa Fe modification. He is a very talented man, and some of his special abilities include detailed modelmaking and amazing lighting. Already now, he has made six different taxies, new school busses, city busses, US post office trucks, DHL vans, delivery trucks, new fire boxes, man hole vents and most of our fire rigs. Besides, he is also working on even more fire rigs of different types and a brand-new fire fighter model.

Another of his abilities is lighting and fire objects, which he is also currently in the middle of changing for the modification.

All in all, RD_Saarland is doing a terrific job that puts a lot of details into the modification.

We are very proud to have him on the team.




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