Article: New series about Agerskov modification

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Welcome to the second series of articles here on


The last season was about the big modification “Project Big Apple”, which I’m working on along with Dyson and RD_Saarland, but this time it will be my own modification Agerskov Mod, that is in focus.


Version 1.0 of Agerskov modification, was released on January 25th, and a lot of followers left a ton of constructive feedback, which led to the release of Agerskov Modification 1.0.1 two days later.


Since Agerskov modification 1.0.1 was released, we have done a ton of work for version 1.1, and we are super excited to show all of it, to your guys. Therefor we are planning to release an article every Saturday starting today, and for as long, as we have something to write about. Just like season one, we will vary the content, and try to bring the followers into all the aspects of creating a modification like this.


One of the most exciting news for version 1.1 is the brand new Freeplay we are currently making from scratch, but more about that next week.


We hope that you everybody will welcome this new series and have a wonderful weekend