Article: New firefighter models

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The new fire fighter models by RD_Saarland are ready. The models are built from the ground and are much more detailed than the original models in Emergency. Next task is to add animations, and then they are ready to be used ingame. After the animations are added, a bunch of different variations needs to be created, and our plan is that every fire fighter on Duane St. will have a different face.

This is a rather large task since every fire fighter will include a version in station gear, bunker gear, bunker gear without helmet, bunker gear and SCBA and bunker gear with SCBA but no mask. As soon as all versions have animation, it shouldn’t be too difficult to add though.

The models for the modification will include accessories like flashlights, radios, custom names on the back of the jacket and a leather frontpieces that is unique to each company.


While RD_Saarland is working on the models, the rest of the team are preparing a tech demo video, so we can show your guys what we have made so far.



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