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Unlike other modifications, the map in our project will not include a minimap in the top right corner. Instead a button to open a map can be pressed when any vehicle or person is selected. Pressing the button will bring up a full screen picture of the game area, with the possibility to press buttons to hide/show different information like street names and box numbers.

Like described in the last article, the tickets are created every time a call comes in, and give the player all needed information, along with the street and box number. Just like the real New York, there is a fire box on each block, and all emergency calls will be linked to their respective box; On our map in the game, 25 boxes a located.

As soon as the player receives the call and sees the box number, he can open the map and locate where it can be found in the game. If he can’t locate the exact location from the number alone, a street name of the box is also provided and the player can then move the vehicles to the correct location.

To identify, if the player is looking at the correct box or not, a red light will be flashing on it to indicate that a call is currently active in its zone.

Before returning home to the fire station, the player should always deactivate the box again. But we will talk about how events are cleared, another time.



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