Article: Multipe units

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In the last article we mentioned that Bat 1 had the possibility to call assistance from other units that aren’t on the map. The same thing will work the other way around. This means that you doing a normal gameplay, the player will get a call to assist etc. Engine 10 and Ladder 10 with a fire in their district. For us as mod developers it means that we will have to create multiple different freeplay maps, naturally this is going to take us a while and we hope for you all to be patient.

In case that Duane st. will be called to another district, the player will tell the units to respond to the off map location and then switch to the new map, where the company that have called for assistance, is in the middle of battling the blaze. The player will then take control over all units on the map and control them just like any other fire.

Assistance calls will usually be relevant during major events like building fires, major MVAs and other specialized calls that requires a lot of units. Assistance to other stations will btw not be the only time that the game with switch maps, but we will get to that next time.


Oh, and this articles picture? It is just a small preview of the hard work Dyson is currently doing with the freeplay map. All civilian vehicles have to be rescaled and with the help of some friends, we are currently in the middle of reskinning a large portion of the pedestrians in the game.


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