Article: Interior control

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As the only person in the modification, Batt 1 will be able to control fire crew when they are inside buildings, and without him, the player will not be able to battle house fires.

When the fire chief is selected, a menu appears in the top right corner with the text “Interior”. Pressing the open button on it, will unfold the menu and a sketch of the building will show up. To keep it simple, we have limited the building size to 4 sectors, on top of each other. Each sector has 4 sloths, allowing one company in each. This means that if the player fills up the building, a total of 16 companies can operate in there at the same time.

Aside from the sketch, a bunch of buttons are present; these allow the chief to control units around the building. Units are controlled by first click on the respective, unit so it gets marked, and then pressing the respective command that you want used on that unit.

Pressing the up arrow moves the unit up to the next floor and the down arrow moves units down. The arrow to the right makes units exit the building, but only if they are on the bottom floor. The fire button makes units extinguish the fire and the search button makes the unit search the floor. For the two last, the more units are working on it, the faster it goes. To show if units are working or something or free, a red circle is created to show that units are busy and cannot do any other task.

Roof and ground ventilation is also going to play a role and units moving to the top floors of a building, without it being ventilated, will have a great risk of getting injured.

Below is an in-game picture of the interior menu during a building fire on the top floor.


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