Article: Fire boxes

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Dating all the way back to 1870, fire boxes have been used all over New York City, allowing citizens to call for help, in case of an Emergency. The original fire boxes only send an identification number to the fire department, but as times have changed, the boxes now allow the caller to speak directly to an alarm operator.

With a fire box on each block, they will play a vital role in the project and they are the main way for players to navigate to fire locations. Like already explained in an earlier article, each fire ticket will come along with a box number that can be used to locate the emergency.

Even though, only 2% of all calls that the FDNY receives, comes threw fire boxes, we still want to keep the tradition alive, and add an element of history to the game. We have therefor decided that fire boxes are linked to all emergencies, and they have to be reset every time an event have been cleared in a block related to the box.


The model we use, is created by RD_Saarland and is a replica, based on pictures from New York. It has a high level of details and fit in really well, in the modification.


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