Article: Evacuating victims

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After a bunch of long nights behind the computer, we have finally made yet another mechanic work. This time it is an add-on for the already existing burning building mechanic. Until now, Ladder and Rescue companies haven’t been able to find anything when searching buildings; But now civilians will appear and be evacuated when companies search the floors. On non-burning floors, found civilians will be okay and able to walk out of the building themselves, while civilians found on burning floors will be injured and require medical treatment once they are out of the house. As soon as a company finds an injured person on a floor, they will automatically evacuate themselves and bring the person to ground level.

At the moment, this is the only possible finding that a companies can make while searching a floor, but we are trying to implement other findings like etc. gas leaks.

The search mechanic is a part of the interior menu, which is controlled from the Battalion chief. We have already mentioned it, but in the next article we will go into details on how it works, and how the player can use it.


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