Article: Engine 7

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As the main Engine in the modification, E7 plays a major role in most emergencies and will be responding to all most all calls that the house receives. It joined Ladder 1 all the way back in 1865 and they have been stationed in Duane St. for more than a 100 years now. Whether it is a medical emergency or a building fire, you can be sure that E7 will be one of the first rigs to swing around the corner to help. With its versatile construction, it carries everything from Hoses to hooligan tools and BLS equipment. The main job of the company is to battle the fires head on, while other companies like rescue and ladder companies take care of ventilation and evacuation of civilians. A usual tactic for an engine company, therefor is to connect a hose from the nearest hydrant to the engine and then enter the burning building with 4 firefighters + the company captain carrying only hoses. Of course it will also be possible to use engine companies for evacuation and searches in buildings, but since their main focus is firefighting, it will come with a time penalty and the searches will not be as efficient. Exactly how this works will be explained in the next article.


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