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The last Co-leader of the project is Dyson.

He is a 22-year-old guy from England, that works as an IT technician and he is the person that came up with the idea for the modification.
Without him, the project would never have been started, and it took him a couple of months to convince BMA, that they should start work.

His experience with Emergency dates all the way back to 2008, and his name is on multiple released projects already. Before The Big Apple Project, we worked on the famous Manhattan modifications, and have also been an important member of the Brooklyn mod, both which have been released in multiple version.

Dyson is a very talented all-around modder, that can do everything from detailed photoshopping and model making, to lights and scripting.

In the project, Dyson is in charge of making the new map, which he has done from scratch, and putting together all the pieces that nobody else has time for.


Without Dyson, the project wouldn’t even exist, so we are very happy to have him onboard.


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