Article: Duane street

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The more than a 100-year-old fire station on Duane st. will be the spine of the modification and the place all units on the map are stationed when the alarm bells aren’t ringing. This three bay, 3 story fire station houses the oldest ladder company in New York, Ladder 1, together with Engine 7 and Battalion 1. As the spine of the modification and therefor also a place that the player will use a lot of the game time, a lot of special features will be added to bring the station to life.

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An example of a feature will be the ability to maintain equipment, do station work or cook a chill meal in the kitchen. The possibility to train your fire fighters on the station is also an option and it will also feature an upgrade system which allows the player to get new and better rigs, equipment and unlock new and exciting missions to play. Exactly what equipment and rigs can be unlocked hasn’t been completely decided yet, but the plan for unit upgrades are ready and more about that can be read on the next article which will be released on Friday the 9th.
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