Article: Christmas advent calendar

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Christmas is around the corner! Hopefully all of you are as excited about the holidays as we are. Here on the Big Apple project, we might be a group of adult people; but some of us just doesn’t want to grow up… Yes, as the true Dane that he is, BMA wants Lego for Christmas.

BUT! In case that you are not as excited about Christmas as BMA, we hope that this will make your December better.

We have decided to make a Christmas advent calendar for our webpage, and every day people will be able to open a new window. Each window will contain a unique picture from the modification, except the 24th where we have something special for you.

To make sure that the quality of the advent calendar is as high as possible, we will not be making any articles on Monday and Friday like usual, but we think that it is a pretty good tradeoff.


Here from The Big Apple Project we wish everybody a happy holiday, and we are excited to show some of the stuff we have kept hidden until now.


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