Article: Calling backup

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Like mentioned in another article, the only way to call assistance in the modification is by using Battalion 1. Unlike normal firefighters the battalion chief does not have any equipment that he chose from the equipment menu, instead he has an icon of a radio. When the radio icon is pressed, a secondary menu appears listing all available units that can be call along with how long it will take for them to respond to the fire scene. As soon as the button of a vehicle is pressed, it will turn “Busy” and after the set amount of time, the vehicle will appear on the map and respond to the location of the battalion chiefs’ vehicle.

Available units that can be called from Battalion 1 are going to be Engine 4, Engine 6, Engine 7, Engine 10, Ladder 1, Ladder 5 and Ladder 10. In addition, Rescue 1 and Battalion 2 will also be possible to request from this menu. Lastly the possibility to call EMS and Police assistance is also possible, but unlike the others, these can be called as many times as wished. This means that if two ambulances are needed the button should be pressed twice. Doing this for one of the fire rigs would only make one appear.

Just like it is possible for Battalion 1 to call assistance for Duane St. it will also be possible for other station to call Duane for assistance. Read more about this in the next article.


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