Article: Building fire mechanics part 2

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Like mentioned last time, different crew in the modification have different tasks upon arriving at a fire scene. Engine companies’ main objective, is to put out fires and they will therefore not be able to enter a burning building unless all crew members are carrying hoses and one of them has a hose connected to the fire engine. Ladder companies on the other hand are specialized in searches, rescue and ventilation.  All these tasks can’t be carried out by the same company and it is therefore necessary for you as the player to decide whether it is most important to provide ventilation and make life easier for the engine companies or search the building trying to find civilians. If you choose to search for civilians, the crew will need 2 rescue saws, one fire extinguisher and an axe before they are allowed to enter the building.

Since Engine companies only carries hoses they are not very good at search and rescuing, since it’s hard for them to get around. Ladder companies on the other hand doesn’t have any water and making them battle the fire can therefor result in lethal consequences for the company.

Choosing the correct companies for the correct tasks is therefore vital and an inattentive player could result in serious consequences.


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