Article: Building fire mechanics part 1.

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Don’t we all remember that feeling in Emergency, where you roll up to a huge building fire and the only thing you can do is just stand in front of it and pour water on the side until it magically goes out?

That will never be the case in Project Big Apple, because we have decided to redo the entire Building fire mechanic. But since the changes we are making are as big as they are, we have to spread them out over multiple articles. The first major change is that it will be possible to access all buildings; Not in the sense as all other mods where the roof disappears though; Instead units that have entered buildings will become controllable via the Battalion chief.


Threw the custom made menu, the player will be able to move the different crews up and down the floors of the burning building. On each floor different tasks needs to be completed and if they are neglected, there is a big chance that civilians or crew members will either die or become seriously injured.  The menu is still in progress of being created and at the moment units are able to search floors to look for civilians and extinguish fires on floors that are confirmed on fire.

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