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Like most of you know, the project is being created by three very talented modders; Dyson, BMA & RD_Saarland. RD_Saarland have already been presented, but people might not know much about the other two.

BMA is a 24-year-old engineer student from Denmark, that have been playing Emergency since Emergency 2, and created his own modifications since 2011. Besides his interest in Emergency, BMA is also a volunteer firefighter and volunteers a lot for Red Cross. He is the author of six released modifications and is currently working on two other projects besides the big apple project.

His most recent mod, is CPH airport mod which was released in June of 2016, and have had more than 25k downloads. Other modifications worth mentioning is London Multiplayer mod, which was made together with Mariuswww, and Helping Peter mod which was created together with Shadylasse.

BMA is an all-around modder which can do everything from lighting to 3D modeling. But for this project, his main purpose is scripting, and he have been in charge of writing most of the scripts for the modification.


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