Article: Backup?

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As know, the only station on the map is Duane st. and that limits the player to three rigs every time a call comes in. What unit goes to what call, is already decided by the FDNY dispatch policy and that will be discussed in another article. But since only so few units are on the map, there is no doubt that assistance from off map is often required to battle major blazes or rescue people before it’s too late. As default the player only have the ability to call off map units that are part of battalion 1 which gives the player another two ladders and three engines which takes from 2 to 15 minutes until they arrive (As an expansion for end game players the possibility to unlock battalion 2 is an option). This mean that the player needs to predict what assistance is needed very early and that there will be several minutes where the player doesn’t have any extra units.

In addition, the player will receive money based on how well an event is cleared and how few units have been called in for assistance. So calling unnecessary backup makes it harder for the player to collect money for upgrading units and equipment.

This is all a part of the realistic feel we want to give the modification and it is a try for us developers to prevent players from spamming units and instead force them to be tactical about their approach to fires.



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