Article: Back to our roots

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Lately, the members of have felt a bit disconnected and empty. The feeling has crept in over the last year, and now it’s at a point, where we can’t ignore it any more.

The case is, that we have lost the Emergency 4 spirit and forgotten what Emergency 4 stands for. Our modification have just advanced to a level, where it’s not fun anymore!


We have therefor decided to bring our selves back to the roots of modding! This will be done by stopping all modding for Emergency 4 immediately. Instead we will go back to the good old days and start making mods for Emergency 3 again.


Emergency 3 was a much simpler time and modifications was far more down to earth, back then. Models were much more realistic, and the gameplay was outstanding.


Over the next couple of month, all our modifications will be transferred into the well-known and beloved game, with so many possibilities. We will start with Agerskov mod, then CPH Airport will follow along and last by not least, Copenhagen mod.


Stay tuned for more information!




Oh… and one last thing

April fool