Article: A though week

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As you all know, we try our best to work as much on the project as possible. But sometimes, things just don’t go our way. This week is one of those times.

The week started, when we tried to implement our new smart traffic script, from our test modification, into the real modification. Even though the script worked perfectly in our test mod, it quickly became clear to us, that the script was so heavy that it caused a huge amount of lag. The problem seemed to be, that we called every single vehicle on the map to check if they were an emergency vehicle; and on the actual map with over a hundred different cars, it was too heavy for the modification. It took us a long time, but we finally managed to rewrite it so it wasn’t as heavy.

Just when we thought that we were back on track, RD_Saarlands computer decided to break down and he has therefor been spending the entire week, waiting for a new CPU cooler.

To make sure that the week got a little worse, a new problem occurred with the smart traffic. In the test modification everything worked fine, but we hadn’t taken into a count how heavy the traffic was in NYC. The script heavily relies on civilian vehicles to move to other lanes, so they clear the way for the emergency vehicles. But when all lanes are full, the civilian vehicles have nowhere to go and the script dosen’t work as intended. It has taken us the rest of the week, but we have finally found a workaround, where the emergency vehicles stay in their lane and wait, until the way in front of them is clear, before they start moving again.


It has been a tough one, but we are finally back on track and ready to see what trouble next week will bring us.



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